Daawuud Nadir

OCC DFAST/CCAR Regulatory Compliance

About Me

My focus areas are OCC DFAST/CCAR, Basel II/III (Pillar I/II/III), bank examiner, audits (3rd Line of Defense), regulatory compliance and reporting, with the ability to implement regulatory requirements and work with regulatory source documents quickly assimilating new knowledge even as regulators are asking for more information, increased transparency, and clear accountability putting growing pressure on departments throughout banks.

Most recently worked at a Foreign Banking Organization on cross-functional project management lifecycle partnering with different work streams within a large-scale strategic global finance change management program on the OCC DFAST/CCAR initiative promulgated by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

These works were centered around the OCC/DFAST and CCAR auditable processes ensuring that these BHCs have in place the appropriate risk identification and risk management processes for the CCAR analysis in capital planning that involves BHCs planned capital actions in supervisory scenarios and capital action assumptions required in stress testing.

I enjoy providing a summary of recent findings and conclusions from reviewing bank's capital planning processes carried out by internal audit or an independent (consultant's) party perspective discussing and describing the scope of audit work specifically identifying any areas of the end-to-end capital planning process that have not been independently reviewed.

Work Experience

OCC DFAST/CCAR Regulatory Compliance (Consultant)
October, 2015 - March, 2016
  • Delivered enhancements to the FP&A Team responsible for submitting the bank's 2016 OCC DFAST/CCAR FR Y-14A Summary Schedules in XML format to the Federal Reserves and OCC.
  • Drafted process flow diagrams timelines and build-out the post-production test plans for remediating defects discovered during the previous 2015 OCC DFAST/CCAR cycle.
  • Facilitated meetings with Head of Stress-Testing and Governance team including the End-to End CCAR Team, Steering Committee, FP&A Team, SME's, Third-Party Vendor (Moody's Analytics), documenting regulatory reporting controls across divisions, curing defects, defining business requirements, vendor deliverables and OCC data dictionary.
  • Supported the Senior PMO on user acceptance testing (UAT), mapping, forecasting the firms 9-quarters plus 3-years Risk-Weighted Assets (RWAs).
  • Authored FP&A Team Business Requirement Document for the bank's XML Tool implementation.
  • Coordinated and liaised with Third-Party Vendor model development team ensuring models were validated for their intended use and appropriately addressed any models not validated for capital planning.
  • Partnered with SMEs, PMO and Application Development teams analyzing business and functional requirements cross-functionally ensuring requirements provided are delivered in the software, UAT, production checkout and post go live.
  • Updated project status weekly in the bank's Clarity tool-set on tracking deliverables and tollgates.

, CCAR Regulatory Stress Testing (Consultant)
April, 2015 - September, 2015
  • Conducted scoping meetings with clients, completed scope document to ensure systems and products are clearly defined and signed off.
  • Collected deliverables for key milestones, updated test scripts on scope changes, analyzed PMO work streams test plans and manipulated complex hierarchy data for ALM work stream.
  • Supported the firm's stress test dry run for base, adverse and severely adverse supervisory scenarios.
  • Drafted meeting agendas, slide decks, updated enhancements in issues log, mapped governance and process flows diagrams in the scoping phase of the "as is" and the "to be" states necessary for future testing, establishing key milestones accurately and measuring project progress.

, Basel III/CCAR Data Aggregation (Consultant)
March, 2014 - November, 2014
  • Completed Basel II/CCAR FR- Y14/M Retail Risk Schedule assignment for US FBO, underwriting its entire portfolio of 1-4 Family residential mortgages.
  • Granular data mapped and populated 4.5 million, >270,000 loans and aggregate $18 billion.
  • Captured in-depth and detailed data mining into financial and risk data for the BHC's FR Y-14/M regulatory reporting, assembled the necessary inputs and displayed aggregated data through user-friendly interfaces which allowed the user many ways of drilling down into loan level data.
  • Mapped data collected for aggregation, validated lines of credit from RESPA, TILA, notes, mortgages, allowed values, detailed description, mitigated risks and errors via quality assurance.
  • Private Wealth Investments & Planning

, Private Wealth Investments & Planning
March, 2013 - March, 2014
  • Accompanied business partner on presentations on investments annuities, life and health insurance policies to private individuals and their families.

, OCC Independent Foreclosure Reviewer 3 (Consultant)
October, 2011 - January, 2013
  • Represented the team with the bank Senior Advisors on roundtable discussions conducted by the OCC Bank examiners and internal and external auditors.
  • Trained team consultants as recommended, approved and concurred by Unit & Team Managers
  • Documented mortgagee ownership of Title Policy or Title transfers to Lender or lender's Agent.
  • Presented hundreds of case by case foreclosure claims to OCC through its secured website.
  • Selected on the 'Time in Motion' UAT team that tested and shortened time of claims review.
  • Reviewed mortgagee's loan servicing systems to determine what evidence is there in its files that mortgagor defaulted.
  • Cross-referenced hundreds of mortgagee breach letters to mortgagor and compared Refer to Foreclosure dates to languages in promissory notes with State laws (judicial & non-judicial).
  • Cross-referenced court bankruptcy notification dates sent to mortgagor with Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings dates by mortgagee for violations related to automatic stay, discharged dates, Motion for Relief (MFR) and Order Granted MFR.
  • Calculated mortgagee fees and costs assessed to mortgagor for reasonable and excessiveness and compared them to state laws, FHA, FNMA and FHLMC investor requirements.

, Real Estate Agent
March, 2008 - October, 2011
  • Leased over 40 single-family rental transactions including apartments and condos in 4 years.

, CMBS Associate (Consultant)
April, 2007 - August, 2007
  • Prepared asset summaries for $4.7B CGCMT-2007 C-6 and $3.4B COBALT securitizations
  • Structured $15 million assumptions, collected renewed evidence liability insurance certificates for securitization in $4.7B CGCMT-2007 C-6 offering.

, Senior Asset Manager - CMBS & Fannie Mae DUS
April, 2006 - April, 2007
  • Discovered no physical collateral on land during annual property inspection, and provided special assets group with written and physical evidence.
  • Inspected >200 commercial property collateral from 4/2006 - 4/2007, spread their YTD financials into Co-Star current market data spreadsheets for pro forma comp analysis and computed NPV.
  • Provided physical and written evidence to counsel for filing of court-appointed receivership on $8 million multifamily property mismanagement by mortgagor.

, Asset Manager - Fannie Mae DUS® & Freddie Mac Program Plus Lender
April, 2003 - April, 2006
  • Recipient of excellence award in 2003 as voted by peers and senior management.
  • Completed Fannie Mae DUS® Housing and Community Development Multifamily Asset Management Property Risk Management Training, March 15 - 18, 2005.
  • Improved portfolio performance consistently from below 70.0% in first year and exceeded both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac 90.0% compliance benchmarks.
  • User Acceptance Tester after designing of RAMS approved within 2 years of implementing prior to Go-Live.
  • Gathered cap rates, market data, stress test for default probability, loss severity, assigned trends and risk-ratings.
  • Persuaded Freddie Mac to release and recovered >$45,000 of funds for borrower previously held in escrow for >4 years during first 4 months of employment.

, Senior CMBS Analyst - Master/Sub-Servicer
July, 1998 - December, 2002
  • Re- structured $24 million UPB hotel and $4 million UPB multifamily property.
  • Consistently collected, analyzed and reported 99.0% of property operating statements cash flow for 225 single and cross-collateralized mortgages of CMBS loans totaling $1.3 billion exceeding industry standard of 75.0%.

, Regulatory Compliance Examiner - Internal Audits (Consultant)
September, 1996 - July, 1998
  • Small Business Investment Companies are privately owned and managed investment funds. Theyre licensed and regulated by SBA and use their own capital plus funds borrowed with an SBA guarantee to make equity and debt investments in qualifying small businesses.

  • Planned audit considering the control risk, examination scope, objectives and time parameters established and assisting the team in the preparation of the examination.
  • Reviewed previous examination reports, work papers, company files, technical research sources, financial reports and examination approaches to ensure a thorough familiarity with the examination areas assigned and determine the examination approach to be used.
  • Conducted entrance and exit conferences meeting with Company management responsible for the examination under review discussing examination scope and coordination of requirements.
  • Documented work performed to support significant conclusions, descriptions of transactions and records examined.
  • Prepared balance sheets, working papers and reports included sampling criteria tested.
  • Cross-referenced report for management to follow steps taken in examination performed.
  • Presented written examination report and findings to management and obtained consensus on corrective actions.


Southeastern University, BS - Accounting

Southeastern University, MBA - Accounting


  • SDLC
  • Pillar I/III (Basel II/III)
  • PMO/Business Analyst / OCC Heightened Standards (12 CFR 30
  • OCC Enhanced Prudential Standards (Regulation YY) IHC/FBO
  • Wholesale & Retail Banking / Asset/Risk Management
  • SR Letters 15 - 18 & 15 - 19
  • Deliverables/Tollgates/Milestones
  • Steering Committee, Clarity Tool-Set, Moody’s Analytics


Full professional proficiency