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Maintenance Technician II
at Andersen Windows
Aurora, OH

Maintenance Technician II
at Andersen Windows
Aurora, OH

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Overall Position Focus:

Provide multi-skilled maintenance support focused on customer service, quality, cost and productivity in a TPM environment. Maintain the responsibilities and performance requirements within both fields of the Maintenance Technician Apprentice and Technician I. Know and practice respectful workplace behavior


Electrical Skills:

*Understand switch functions and protective functions of circuit breakers, principles of circuit interruption, components of a switchgear assembly, and preventive maintenance and overhaul procedures on low voltage circuit breakers.

*Understand components, operation, inspection and maintenance of high voltage circuit breakers

*Test, overhaul and perform preventive maintenance on low voltage circuit breakers.

*Troubleshoot, inspect and clean components in AC motor controllers.

*Diagnose PLC program.

*Trained to work on live equipment up to 480 volts.

*Understand functions, components and operating principles of 13,800 volt switchgear.

Mechanical Skills:

*Understand types of shaft misalignment, conditions affecting alignment, measurements and measuring tools for realignment, and methods used for shaft alignment including reverse dial, laser and rim and face.

*Understand types of gaskets and packing, packing glands, and installation of gaskets and packing.

*Understand components, types and operation of mechanical seals, causes of seal failure and the process of mechanical seal installation.

*Understand functions of CNC machining equipment.

*Use necessary hand and power tools to take appropriate action to replace components, make adjustments and recalibrate machinery to resolve issues and restore equipment to operating condition quickly and efficiently.

*Reengineer equipment for more efficiency.

*Understand the sequence of blowers / pumps for material flow.

*Understand hydraulic system diagrams and the operation of all components of valve bank systems.

*Read hydraulic system diagrams to determine fluid flow through a valve bank system.

*Understand pneumatic system diagrams and the operation of all components of valve bank systems.

*Read pneumatic system diagrams to determine fluid flow through a valve bank system.

*Remove mechanical seals from pumps, examine damaged mechanical seals and install various types of mechanical seals.

*Understand purpose of symbols used in and information provided in plant systems diagrams including equipment arrangement, piping system, piping and instrumentation and electrical diagrams.

*Perform maintenance on sawdust material conveying systems.

*Understand heating / ventilation systems.

*Perform maintenance on air handling units.

*Understanding of sprinkler systems and zones.

*Design and Fabricate machine guards per OSHA standards

*Understand concept of root cause analysis.

*Some heavy lifting required to replace motors, pumps, extruder screws, etc., at low frequency. Equipment is provided to move / manipulate heavy components.

*Occasionally - lift /carry objects up to 100 pounds.

*Occasionally - Squat, crawl, reach above shoulders, kneel and balance.

*Job requires repetitive action such as simple staring, grasping, firm grasping, and fine manipulating. (This includes right and left hands)

*Outside work required.

Special Physical Requirements:

*Working with various chemicals.

*High work from scaffolding, ladders and platforms.

*Working in confined space conditions.

*Wearing the proper PPE.

*Handling hazardous waste wearing the appropriate PPE.

*Working near energized electric circuits.

Working near hot equipment and or materials

Education/Certification Requirements:

*Minimum of a Maintenance Electrician License required.

*Working towards and obtaining, or currently possessing a Class A Journeyman license.

*Working towards and obtaining, or currently possessing a 2-year technical degree in the mechanical field.

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