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Part-time Cook needed/Weekends only/12 hour shifts/6am-6pm
at Local Company
Athens, AL

Part-time Cook needed/Weekends only/12 hour shifts/6am-6pm
at Local Company
Athens, AL

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Job Description


JOB SUMMARY: The Cook is under the direct supervision of the Administrator. The cook is responsible for maintaining high standard of quality food production and portion control using standardized recipes.

RESPONSIBLE FOR: Preparation of all food in sufficient quantities to cover all service requirements, timing preparation to meet service schedules, and food handling control to prevent food waste and ensure high quality products. Special care must be taken toward economy of supplies, food and utilities. Proper use of equipment care and equipment cleanliness.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Stands and walks short distances most of working day. Stoops and reaches for, lifts, and carries food and kitchen equipment up to and possibly above 25 pounds. Taste and smell food to determine quality and palatability.

SPECIAL DEMANDS: Must be genuinely interested in Senior Adults and nutrition. Must be able to work cooperatively with fellow employees.

Must show qualities of being a self-starter. Must be original and show initiative toward seasonings, garnishes, and presenting foods in a palatable manner. Must be mentally alert, efficient, and a safe worker. Follow standardized recipes and cycle menus. Make independent decisions. Must be able to mop, vacuum and clean work areas.

EDUCATION: High school diploma required. Must be able to read, speak, and follow oral and written instructions and recipes.

JOB KNOWLEDGE: Possess an understanding of health and safety rules for food service in a healthcare facility. Must be able to read and interpret standardized recipes for quantity cooking. Must be familiar with spices, flavoring, and herbs. Must have thorough knowledge of the cooking characteristics of all food products.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Works in a clean, well-lit, and well-ventilated kitchen. Must be able to tolerate temperature changes while working around stoves and ovens. Must be cautious while working with kitchen equipment to avoid cuts and burns and while working on set slippery floors to avoid falls.


1. Prepares all foods indicated on menus.

2. Peels, washes, trims, and cuts vegetables and fruits.

3. Prepare all 3 meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner, from the menu, using standardized recipes, mixing ingredients and adding condiments based on resident's preferences. Speak with residents on regular basis about likes and dislikes.

4. Serve food within established timeframes.

5. Always temperature test food prior to serving. Food should be visually appealing. Do not leave food sitting out as to ensure proper temperatures at all times.

6. Check equipment and cooking area to maintain safety and sanitation requirements. Report repairs and maintenance needs to Administrator.

7. Follow menus provided, making substitutions only with the consent of Administrator. Make sure all cooks maintain adherence to policy.

8. Serve food in proper portion size.

9. Prepare any food item for special diet or special events.

10. Maintain sanitation standards during food preparation.

11. Ensure tables are set and prepared for meal service.

12. Make coffee and tea.

13. Scrape, stack and wash dishes.

14. Clean dishwasher.

15. Empty and clean garbage cans.

16. Wipe down kitchen cabinets and walls to maintain clean environment. This is to include appliances, floors and vents cleaned daily.

17. Sweep and mop kitchen floor and dining room.

18. Clean freezer and refrigerator per schedule.

19. Record freezer and refrigerator temps per schedule. Report any Temperature variances to Administrator. Also record water, dishwasher and chlorine ph readings.

20. Make list of all food and supplies needed to meet the demands of food preparation. Maintain weekly inventory.

21. Receive all food supplies - check for quantity and quality.

22. Bake cakes and cookies, and participate in planning for special occasions such as birthdays and holidays.

23. Assist with resident care as necessary.

24. Any other duties as assigned.

25. Ensure all foods in refrigerator and pantry are dated. Check for outdated foods and notify administration for disposal approval.

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