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Production Supervisor
at Kwangjin America
Warren, MI

Production Supervisor
at Kwangjin America
Warren, MI

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Job Description


1.1.  Production

·            Oversee overall production operations for lines assigned by Production Manager (from customer requirements and build plan to shipping), quality of window regulators and other products by supervising, Leaders and all operators

·            Review and analyze all production line issues daily, ensure daily work build order is carried out in accordance to production control plan / including sub assembly

·            Maximize efficiency and productivity

·            Inputs , hours, overtime, approvals into PLEX system daily / Weekly basis

·            Meet Production labor budget / cost reduction for lines Supervising

·            In charge to submit performance review for all operator promotions including line leader positions into GMS system for Manager review & Approval

·            Complete process of employee reviews two times yearly following standard form. Supervisors to complete review with employee and employees to sign off on the performance review to be valid

·            Attend daily meetings, fast response(running meetings), quality, Production, maintenance, safety

·            Responsible to submit approval for all overtime working prior into the PLEX system, daily or weekend overtime. Supervisor responsible to submit notice of approval for all non-standard working hours working in advance to Manager, HR, President of KJA

·            Implement 4 M changes as directed in production from production manager

·           New lines for new programs: Working with Production team to identify any issues with new lines equipment / layouts / Material flow / Safety concerns / Productivity / Quality

·           Active member of the production team for  APQP activities of Production for new programs, including (not limited) PFD, PFMEA, Work Instruction and other required documents

·           Verification of all error proofing document completion / signed off

·           Verification of all startup check sheets completion / signed off

·           Maintain all operator training process is implemented & flex chart is up to date with current operators names and training completed

·           Attend daily productivity meeting 3:00pm & report out for all production issues for Quality & Productivity

·           Responsible to complete root cause analysis of lines not attaining the target for quality & productivity. Responsible to implement corrective action to improve any areas lacking to meet the target

·           Responsible to monitor Leaders performance and share results needing improvement with the line leaders. If line leader performance is not improved Supervisor is responsible to take action to remove the leader

·           Supervisor’s must make communication with leaders in responsible area’s owning and document the communication given in regard to Productivity, Quality, Cost, Labor Cost, General company information, Audits, Training, Five S, 3C.

·           Supervisor is responsible to keep knowledge of customer requirements pertaining to audit information for BIQS, KBQR, and VWWDA6.3.Supervisors must exercise learning of customer and internal KJA requirements to apply to the production floor.


1.2.    Material

·                 Oversee and report inventories of components and products located in Production area (including production racks) per predetermined frequency or request by Materials department.

·                 Responsible to keep daily inventories of all main line finished products, sub assembly products to keep supply to main line and customer plants

·                 Maintain FIFO of all material flow at Production area including lot traceability. Maintain all FIFO is kept at component storage areas and all component label identifications are kept in correct location

·                 Verification to bring materials from material rack to production lines.

·                 Responsible to escalate to materials group if component is empty at material rack immediately. Notification should include Material Supervisor, Production Manager, Material Assistant Manager, Material Manager

·                 Monitoring of finished products to production report build, verification of matching for production report/ ERP system/ POP screen / line leader production sheet

·                 Maintaining 5’s at production lines and component areas. Auditing the production lines weekly for 5’s completions and sustaining. Updating 5’s folder with any action items for improvements assigned to areas Supervisor owns weekly basis. Verify 5’s check sheets are complete or not from line leaders weekly.


1.3.    Hiring and Training

·                 Directs or assists in selection, hiring(including interviews) and training of leaders and operators

·                 Establish training plan for all operators at each line to meet the goals of flex charts to meet 100% Flexibility.

·                 Directly train all new temps or current employees for meeting company requirements as outlined in work instructions, policies, and procedures.

·                 Conduct performance evaluations for all line leaders and operators 2 times yearly


1.4.  Maintenance

·           Document all machine and maintenance issues

·           Responsible to outline for line leaders and operators daily maintenance activities for preventive maintenance, blowing out of screw feeders, wiping off equipment with electrical connections, Monitoring to identify machine components are breaking or lose, Hoses cracked.

·           Responsible to direct line leaders to complete visual review for machine issues prior to calling maintenance. Line leader should make small repair for screw jamb. Ensuring all items for machine tooling are tight for preventive measures.


1.5.  Safety

·                 Promote all safety related activities into Production area and support all safety activities(general) and employee training

·                 Working with MIOSHA to meet all regulatory requirements  

·                 Report any and all safety issues to HR and management

·                 Follow up for safety assessments action items and verify all safety items have been completed on time.

·                 Complete safety training to all employee’s by monthly as directed from safety training plan from management.

·                 Enforce all safety related items on the production floor when detected.  


1.6.  Product Quality

·                 Verify all Quality Alerts issued to the production floor have been trained and all new operators trained to the process

·                 Responsible to attend daily defect meeting at 2:30pm at containment cage. Responsible to have root cause analysis for all defects produced at lines and sub assembly

·                 To developed training to all operators and line leaders for key product characteristics of product produced at each process of production lines

·                 Maintain all Quality PPM is being communicated to line leaders and the result for the quality defects are being trained to reduce overall PPM of each line

·                 Follow quality standards for all work instructions and operator training

·                 Address all equipment issues for quality concerns for error proofing or machine malfunction

·                 Responsible to monitor production lines for defects and to ensure the Tagging process is being kept in line with the company process

·              Responsible to complete all product first piece inspection activities in the case the line  leader is not able to complete the first piece

·           Responsible to enforce or conduct First piece inspection completion within the first 10 min of the start of production shift or after change over.

·               Responsible to manage all rework activities are conducted within the rework Procedure.   Also responsible to Qualify line leaders or designated employees to conduct all rework activities as required.

·                 Root cause analysis for all Production related quality issues and establish action plans

·                 Follow Deviation process for all error proofing failures, startup check sheet failures, any values in the process not meeting the required specifications of the control plan

·                 Communicate daily basis to all line leaders and operators for components on the floor. Drive actions for components to not be on floor and to be picked up when falling on the floor.

·                 Train all line leaders and operators for stacking of components on top of each other. Training should include the result of Motors that can be broken and or fail in the vehicle from being damaged. Add material handling to the operator work instruction if not added for each process.

·                 Train line leaders for problem solving technics and involve the line operators for root cause analysis and corrective action process for each lines daily issues


1.7.  System and portal

·                 Responsible for all updates daily, weekly, monthly basis for PLEX ERP system / POP / GMS / QIS systems / S/Drive

·                 Responsible to respond and check all email’s in a timely manner and respond if directed from other departments or managers request for Key information.

·                 Responsible to give line in site to companies business plans where improvements can be made for Quality / Cost / Productivity / Price

·                 Responsible to update PLEX & review all operator absent / or late to work status. Supervisors must input operator status if approved or unexcused into system following attendance process

1.8.  Others

·              Promote the operators of the importance to make suggestions for improvements, challenge the employee’s to achieve min requirement monthly basis to input suggestions

·                 Motivate employees with positive reinforcement to be a team and achieving & over achieving the company goals.

·           Train all employee’s to analysis processes for continuous improvement ideas that will improve Quality / Productivity / Safety / Cost. Complete monthly brain storming activities to gather ideas for improvements.

·                 Monitor lines labor budget and manpower to meet the target of each program

·                 Implement 5S and 3C (Correct part, Correct location, Correct quantity), and oversee housekeeping maintain file is updated weekly basis for pictures owned at Supervisors lines

·                 Enforce compliances of all policies, processes, procedures, instructions and all standards of quality and safety.

·                 Any Production related instructions/directions from management

2.9 Supervisor performance requirements / Conduct of Supervisors action                                                 Supervisors must maintain high level of productivity to meet companies’ targets of production lines. It is the Supervisor responsibility to make improvements and identify root causes for attainments of each line they own. If Supervisors do not meet target or show no improvement then they will be subject to be removed as Supervisor from Production Manager.

*          Maintain to meet the target for Quality metrics internally, Customers score card targets, if Supervisors have failed quality result with no improvements plan or actions taken. Manager will review Supervisor for removal in the position of Supervisor.

*         Supervisor must maintain very high level of safety for the employee’s they Supervise. If it is deemed Supervisor has knowingly ignored a safety condition or employee complaint for safety issue, the investigation will be conducted & if guilty the Supervisor will be removed.

*       Supervisors must act fairly to all employees and there should be no cases of favoritism shown in the event of hiring, attendance, violation of company policy, performance, promoting. moving from one process to another process. All promotions must be uploaded to the GMS system for approval line including the President for final approval. In the event it has shown the Supervisor has given special treatment to employee or employees then it will be Manager Review to remove Supervisor from his or her position.



2.1.  Associate Degree, Min High School Diploma or experience to the equivalent

2.2.  Must be able to read & write in English Language

2.3.  Proven leadership, organizational, analytical, and networking skills as well as written and oral communications skills

2.4.  Ability to effectively delegate work to subordinates, and the ability to evaluate and positively influence performance

2.5.  Must have knowledge and experience working in manufacturing environment

2.6.  Must have Knowledge of manufacturing systems assy processes

2.7.  Must have knowledge of OSHA

2.8.  At least 2+ years Mfg. experience in an automotive manufacturing environment

2.9.  Must have basic knowledge in computer applications for Excel / Word

2.10.                 Customer Specific: Requirements GM

                        BIQS / min QSB

                        Problem solving (5 Why’s) 8D, fishbone

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