David Navarro

Dream Lighting | Lighting Director/Gaffer/Rigging Gaffer/CLT

About Me

Lighting Director/Gaffer/Rigging Gaffer


I have 20 years industry experience as a Gaffer/CLT/Lighting Director having designed, built and lit many a productions lighting needs.

I lit 9 of the 11 seasons of ESPN: Sports Science. All four seasons of EL Rey's: Lucha Underground as well as countless other projects. Collaborating with many filmmakers helping to bring their extraordinary vision to light.

Specialties included electrical systems rigging, electrical systems planning & management, car mounts & process trailers, lighting console programming and plotting, visualization.

Work Experience

Dream Lighting
Lighting Director/Gaffer/Rigging Gaffer/CLT
December, 1999
  • Design Lighting Layouts & Grids

  • Build Stages based on lighting designs

  • Hire Crew

  • Schedule

  • Budgeting