Kai Cao

Cambia Health Solutions | Data Scientist & NLP Scientist

About Me

My research area is Natural Language Processing.

My adviser is Ralph Grishman.

I am mainly focusing on semi-supervised techniques to improve the performance of information extraction, particularly event extraction.

Approaches that have been shown successfully to improve the performance of Event Extraction:
1.Dependency Regularization
2.Semi-supervised Pattern Expansion
3.Active Learning
4.Abstract Meaning Representation
5.Distant Supervision

I will graduate this summer (September 2016) .

What is new in engineering experiences: Envoy, K8, TypeScript, Airflow

Work Experience

Cambia Health Solutions
Data Scientist & NLP Scientist
June, 2017
  • I am a member of the AI team. Working on NLP tasks including

  • 1. Chatbots

  • 2.Document classification

  • 3. Knowledge bases.

  • 4. Name Entity Set Expansion

  • 5. Sequential Labeling problems

  • 6. Machine Learning & Deep Learning Framework

  • 7. NLP Framework

  • 8. Transfer Learning (Scalability of new intent types)

Amazon Lab126
, Speech Scientist & Machine Learning Scientist
May, 2015