Mark Roche MD MS

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) | Senior Physician Advisor

About Me

Health-IT leader with 15+ years of footprint in public and private sector, with focus on global Health IT strategy and product development and data analytics/visualization.

United States (U.S.)
- Co-authored 2015 E-certification Rule, a US national standard for adoption of electronic health record.
- Developed strategy for national adoption of interoperability standards.
- Co-authored HL7 C-CDA, a technical standard for patient care summary.
- Architected Core Clinical Data Set (CCDS), a national set of data elements required for key health information and patient matching.
- Implemented technical infrastructure and deployed data analytics strategy for federated management of cancer clinical trials at National Institutes of Health (NIH) and 12 major cancer centers.

Canada (CAD)
- Directed investment of $600M, and successfully implemented EHR in several key domains.
- Co-authored pan-Canadian Interoperability Blueprint for standardized electronic exchange of health data.
- Deployed province-wide laboratory information system (LIS) that connected close to 400 hospitals and labs and created vision for integrated longitudinal analysis of lab results.
- Modernized provincial public data analytics and health IT infrastructure in a way that shortened response to outbreak diseases from weeks to days.

Private Sector (international):
- Developed analytics-driven market focus and sales strategy for several start-up companies.
- Developed NLP algorithms for abstraction and visualization of clinical data.
- Developed proprietary clinical vocabulary and negotiated $10M contracts with major EHR vendors.

- Modernized curriculum for Masters in Medical Informatics degree at Northwestern University.

Board member and or chair at several national and international professional organizations.
Doctoral degree in Medicine with Fellowship in Bioinformatics and Masters degree in Medical Informatics.

Work Experience

Consulting (confid. clients)
Founder & CEO
April, 2016
  • - Developed business and product placement strategies for private sector EHR vendors.

  • - Successfully translated national EHR interoperability requirements into new product requirements for emerging EHR companies.

  • Leverage existing business relationships to aid promotion of clients health-IT products.

  • - Developed business use cases for NLP adoption and clinical use.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)
, Senior Physician Advisor
February, 2017
  • Lead design and implementation of Natural Language Processing algorithm and data analytics programs that assess US-wide incidence and prevalence of substance abuse such as heroin, alcohol, marijuana and other substances.

  • - Developed a new system for classification and grouping of substance abuse drugs and mental health disorders, cross-referenced to existing clinical terminologies and aligned with national EHR data capture requirements.

  • - Established existing and proposed new data collection requirements on substance overuse incidence and prevalence based on existing technical standards from national certification programs.

  • - Transformed data insights into actionable policies that minimize and combat substance overuse.

, Chair - Standards Advisory TF for Interoperability & Health Information Exchange
May, 2015
  • Chair and member at physician and Interoperability committees:

  • - Chaired private and public sectors experts in the design of forward-looking model for semantically interoperable health record.

  • - Co-authored business models for interoperable EHR and Health Information Exchanges.

  • - Developed content for educational sessions for annual HIMSS conferences.