Sholom Keller

Sholom Consulting, LLC | Data Scientist

About Me

My watchwords have always been integrity and respect. I am smarter than most people. This does not make me better than them.

Started messing with code at age 9. Built first database at 14. Subject matter expert in a broad range of fields. Very good at math. Very good with language. Collaborative worker. Independent thinker. Prefer to lead by example. ASVAB GT 126 WAIS-IV 137.

Work Experience

Sholom Consulting, LLC
Data Scientist
January, 2013
  • Constructs, analyzes, and refines mathematical models in a variety of applied research areas, including: profitability and optimization for solar power; transport and transportation networks; supply and demand economics for food, nutrition, and healthcare; agricultural science and technology; population studies.